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ARCE/NY LECTURE, Thursday, February 13, 2020



The American Research Center in Egypt, New York Chapter (ARCE/NY) in co-sponsorship with the Classical Studies Department of Columbia University presents the following lecture in its Winter/Spring 2020 Lecture Series:

“Striking Power: Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt”  

SPEAKER: Dr. Edward Bleiberg, Senior Curator of Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Brooklyn Museum

LOCATION: Columbia University, 1200 Amsterdam Avenue, NY., NY. 10027, Schermerhorn Hall, Room 612 Campus Map: 

TIME: February 13, at 6:00 P.M. FREE TO THE PUBLIC. RSVP REQUIRED. Please reply to

ABSTRACT: Why are the noses broken on Egyptian statues? Why were other sculpted body parts, including eyes, arms, and feet, purposely shattered in antiquity? This talk examines the patterns of damage inflicted on images for personal, political, religious, and criminal reasons in ancient times. It illustrates how the damage to a statue can be read to reveal who broke it and why. The talk concentrates on the ancient world of the pharaohs and on the Late Antique world that emerged following Egyptian conversion to Christianity.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Egyptologist Edward Bleiberg is the Senior Curator of Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Brooklyn Museum. He joined the Brooklyn Museum in 1998 from the University of Memphis, Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, where he had been Director and Associate Professor. A Pittsburgh native, he graduated from Haverford College in Pennsylvania. After graduate work at Yale University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Bleiberg received an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. He is the author of several books and articles on ancient Egyptian economy, Egyptian coffins, and the Jewish minority in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. Exhibitions that Dr. Bleiberg has organized for Brooklyn include Jewish Life in Ancient Egypt, Tree of Paradise: Jewish Mosaics from the Roman Empire, and To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum, an exhibition exploring Egyptian burial customs that began an eleven-city tour in the summer of 2008.

Upcoming Egyptology Lectures in New York

February 14, 2020. Egyptological Seminar of New York Lecture. Dr. Campbell Price, “An Image as Perfect as the Ancestors : Functions of Late Egyptian Sculpture”. 6:30 at the Art Study Room in the Uris Center at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

April 2, 2020. ARCE NY/ ISAW Lecture. Dr. Marc J. Le Blanc, “In Accordance with the Documents of Ancient Times”: The Ancient Egyptian Sed Festival (Jubilee Festival).  6:00 PM at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. RSVP required.

April 7, 2020. ARCE Lecture. Dr. Aidan Dodson, “Rameses III, King of Egypt”. Location and time TBA.

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