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Many of the lectures that ARCE NY presents have been videotaped and posted on YouTube. You can find links to these lectures below.  

The views and opinions expressed during these lectures are solely those of the individual presenters and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of 

The American Research Center in Egypt, Inc., The American Research Center in Egypt New York, Inc. or any other sponsor of the lectures.

Tutankhamen and the Tomb that Changed the World with Dr. Bob Brier

The Fate of Missing and Diverted Artifacts from Tutankhamun’s Tomb with Dr. Marc Gabolde

June 22, 2022

Sacred Deities of Ancient Egypt: A Pantheon of Paradoxes viewed from a Jungian Perspective with Jacqueline Thurston, M. A.

March 22, 2022

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Amelia Edwards: The Egypt Exploration Fund and the Exodus with Dr. Peter Feinman

December 16, 2021

Digital Technology and the Re-creation of Past Reality in Ancient Egypt

July 22, 2021 – 6:30

The NY Chapter of ARCE in association with The National Arts Club present:

The New York Chapter of The American Research Center in Egypt in association with the National Art Center present:

Hatshepsut and the Temple of Mut with Betsy Bryan

Repositioning Egyptologies

October 3, 2020

Becoming an Isis Initiate

Dr. Paul Stanwick – December 11, 2019

Breaking the Noses on Egyptian Statues

Dr. Edward Bleiberg – September 26, 2019

The Great Ramesside Monuments at Abydos

Dr. Ogden Goelet and Dr. Sameh Iskander – June 20, 2019

Sethy I – King of Egypt, his Life and Afterlife

Dr. Aidan Dodson, University of Bristol – April 16, 2019

Conserving Kushite Tombs of the Theban Necropolis: South Asasif Conservation Project 2016 – 2018

Dr. Elena Pischikova, American University in Cairo – November 11, 2018

Ancient Egyptian Coffins, Exploring the Carpenter’s Craft for the Afterlife

Dr. Geoffrey Killen – October 26, 2018

“Despicable Kings and Debased Rivals: The Enemies of Ramses II in the Battle of Kadesh Reliefs”

Dr. Tara Prakash on September 11, 2018

The Great Pyramid and a Discovery Near the Red Sea

Dr. Pierre Tallet, Paris-Sorbonne University, April 23, 2017

Reading Divine Queenship in New Kingdom Egypt

Dr. Lanny Bell, University of Chicago – November 11, 2015

Cosmic Trauma: Assyria and Egypt’s 9/11 and the Origins of Anti-Semitism

Dr. Peter Feinman, Vice -President of ARCE NY

Recent Discoveries at Amheida

Dr. Roger Bagnall, Istitute for the Study of the Ancient World – May 21, 2015

Dier el-Ballas: Ancient Egypt’s Forgotten Palace

Dr. Peter Lacovara – March 18, 2015

A King and Courtiers Come to Boston: Homage to Egyptian Art History

Dr. Rita Freed, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – January 22, 2015

Egypt’s Earliest Royal Art: The Continuing Enigma of the Narmer Palette

Dr. David O’Connor – October 27, 2014

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